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Financial Management

Revenue Enhancement through Payer Contracting

Contracts should represent the interest of all parties. Are your organization’s interests reflected in the contracts that you are being asked to sign? Too often they seem one-sided and reimbursement is just simply not enough to meet your ever tightening financial requirements. Health plan contracting is one of Trillium’s core strengths. Our analysis serves to support your negotiations: we provide you with the strategies, words to use, arguments to position your organization and supporting documentation so that you can negotiate or re-contract from a position of strength. The result? Improved contractual obligations and improved reimbursement.

Financial Assessments

It’s all about return on your effort. Our team is experienced to assist you in measuring the current and projected financial performance of new initiatives, new medical device products, current operations, current business portfolio performance, joint ventures, current contracts and strategic alliances.

Health Care Consumer Education

We know that as an individual’s awareness about health care choices increases, those choices become more appropriate, and behavior begins to change. Trillium Health Group offers you, as an employer, and your work force ProHealth™, an educational program designed to complement your company’s financial and health plan benefit goals and to facilitate requisite behavioral changes within the employee population.

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