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Strategic Planning

Business Assessment

Through consultation and use of our proprietary assessment methodology, HealthyGPA™, we assess six key areas critical to business success. You receive a customized written analysis and practical, actionable recommendations that will help you strengthen your business and achieve your goals, whether that means growth, profitability or improved market assess.

Strategic Positioning

This results driven process incorporates useful concepts from traditional strategic planning along with systems thinking and scenario modeling. The results? An understanding of your strengths, business opportunities and positioning strategies that will support your profit, growth and access goals.

Business Development

It’s too easy getting bogged down working in your business and not on your business. Organizational success requires growth. But the question is, what type of growth? Enhanced operational efficiencies? New products or services? Geographic expansion? Increased patient volume? More revenues? Better profits? We can assist you in assessing opportunities and implementing strategies to achieve your defined growth goals.

Brand Development and Design

Branding is a critical piece of any business plan, as it describes the image that is projected of that business to the public. Ensuring that image is positive, memorable, and congruent with business objectives demands professional design. Whether you're launching a new brand or looking to redefine an existing image, we offer services in the area of logo and web design, as well as other promotional materials for print or the web.


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